Patented Flashtrap® Flame Blocking Vented Traps for a safer, and more comfortable coverall.

Flashtrap® Vented Coverall

The BIG BILL® FLASHTRAP Vented Coverall is the latest development to improve wearer comfort without sacrificing protection for both Flash Fire & Arc Flash exposures. Below are the three primary Patent Pending features of Big Bill’s FlashTrap:

1) Back Knee Vented Traps
Located on the back of both knees, this technology allows cooler air into the coverall, pushing warmer air up through the upper back and out the sideways air vents. The traps are constructed of a double layered folded fabric that prevents your skin exposed, creating more protection. 

2) Upper & Lower Back Vented Traps
Located along both sides at the back, these vents allow the hot air, which circulates upwards, to be pushed outward, exiting the coverall, keeping you cool. The traps are constructed of a double layered fabric that does not leave your skin exposed, creating more protection.

3) Features PATENTED Specially Designed Vented Traps Made of FR Mesh

The Vented Traps that are located along the back and behind both knees are specially designed in a manner that does NOT expose your skin, keeping you protected from arc flash or flash fire exposure. No debris can enter the coverall. The fashion in which the vented traps are constructed includes a double layer of fabric, folded to create the vented trap, increasing the protection, making a safer coverall. The FR Mesh located between the folded double layer of fabric allows cool air to circulate into your coverall, pushing out hot air, creating a ventilation system.   


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