Big Bill X Quebec breast cancer foundation

Starting October 1, our company will support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation in a unique and meaningful way. For every pair of underwear and crewnecks we sell, we will donate $2. We are proud to put our products at the service of a good cause, and this is part of our social responsibility mission.

The Collection: Humor, Comfort and Engagement

From boxers for men, to cheeky underwear for women and boxers for children, our new collection embodies humor and comfort. The collection is in collaboration with UNDZ.

Our goal?

Raising funds for research, support, awareness and education for breast cancer, a cause close to our hearts. We're focused on workwear, but we've spiced things up with a funky and humorous collection designed to spark conversations and make noise, all for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. We use humor to raise awareness in a light-hearted way while making a real difference in the fight against breast cancer.

  1. High-Visbility Men's Classic Boxers Add to Wish List
    High-Visbility Men's Classic Boxers
    SKU: UNDZ1
    Starting From $26.99
  2. High-Visbility Men's Classic Boxers Add to Wish List
    High-Visbility Men's Classic Boxers
    SKU: UNDZ2
    Starting From $26.99
  3. Women's Cheeky High-Visibility Underwear Add to Wish List
    Women's Cheeky High-Visibility Underwear
    SKU: UNDZ3
    Starting From $26.99
  4. Women's High-Visibility Sports Bra Add to Wish List
    Women's High-Visibility Sports Bra
    SKU: UNDZ4
    Starting From $33.99
  5. Unisex Lumberjack Crewneck Add to Wish List
    Unisex Lumberjack Crewneck
    SKU: UNDZ5
    Starting From $64.99

Why did we choose the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation?

Considering that breast cancer is a great concern in Canada and the United States, especially among women. At Big Bill, 97% of our team members are women. But here's the key point: breast cancer does not discriminate; it also affects men, with 1 in 934 men in Quebec being diagnosed in Quebec. With more and more women working in our typically male-dominated industry, it is essential to raise awareness of this reality that affects countless individuals and families each year.

The Foundation’s mission aligns with our corporate values. Our commitment to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is our way of moving forward in the fight against this disease and offering hope to those in need.

Give back to our community!

We're not just business-focused, we're community-focused. This initiative is our way of giving back. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of many people affected by breast cancer. Let's make a change, one pair of funky underwear at a time!

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